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Website Maintenance

Website *Maintenance

Our maintenance packages complete your most essential website tasks: Optimizing your site for the search engines and Updating and  Securing your site .

*Maintenance FAQ

*Maintenance packages are purchased blocks of hours. The more hours you purchase the greater the discount.
If you would like an update please, send us an email and we’ll schedule it and give you a fixed time to completion
We track our time by the minute not by the hour so if it takes 20 minutes then you are deducted 20 minutes
Small updates( i.e image updates )are made within 24 hrs.

Website maintenance and updates are:

Adding new content (images, video, new pages, contest pages and sign up forms etc).

Designing new visual elements ( new hero images, new buttons, or promotional graphics, etc).

Technical assistance (you need help to update something yourself on the website).

Technical updates (updating your WordPress theme or plugins.)

Updating CSS code or HTML codes.